Online Assessment of Writing Methods

It is important for students to produce writing using a variety of methods. And for some, there are benefits to comparing the rate and quality of work with each. gives you tools to do this.

Supported Input Methods

Students can participate in training and evaluation exercises with the following writing methods:

All four methods are valuable for different reasons. Students should be aware of these methods and have the opportunity of trying out different tools and strategies to determine which method of writing is most productive and works better for them, depending on their own unique needs and skills. See for more information.

Easy to Set Up and Get Started is a web-based typing course, so you can get started immediately. There is no software to install. Numerous exercises for all input methods are built-in, plus you have the option of creating your own.

Once you have your account, take a look at our Step-by-step instructions to help you get started.

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