Administer Typing Tests

  • Test job candidates - or use the site anytime you need to conduct a typing test.
  • Get started instantly! Everything runs from your web browser, with nothing to install.
  • Over 2500 built-in exercises - with varied lengths and difficulty levels.
  • Ability to create your own exercises - to meet your specific needs and make the tests more realistic.
  • Test anywhere. Because this is a web-based system, the tests can be taken in your office or on remote computers.
  • Detailed reporting - so you can see how each person scored and make comparisons.
  • Desktop and mobile device support: Windows, Mac, iPads, and Android tablets (with an external keyboard).

Administer a Test in 4 Easy Steps

After signing up, you will receive an administrator account that you will use to manage the tests. Using this account, here's what you will do:

  1. Create online accounts for each person taking the test. Each person will log in with a unique user ID and password.
  2. Assign specific tests to each person. Use the built-in tests or create your own.
  3. Wait for each person to log in and take their tests.
  4. Generate reports to see how they did.

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