Teach Your Students to Type

  • Get started instantly! Everything runs from your web browser, with nothing to install.
  • Easy to use. Animated coaches are available to guide your students' every step.
  • Customizable curriculum. Use the built-in curriculum, create your own, or allow students to freely explore.
  • Learning and fun combined. Students can play our games, customize their coach and theme, and choose from over 2500 unique exercises.
  • Track progress with detailed reports and graphs.
  • Desktop and mobile device support: Windows, Mac, iPads, and Android tablets (with an external keyboard).

Training Based on the Way our Hands Work

Customizable Training

  • Recommended age range: elementary school to adult. (Disabling punctuation is recommended below 3rd grade.)
  • Multiple options for the curriculum:
    • Use the built-in curriculum via the site's computer-guided mode.
    • Explicitly assign activities to your students.
    • Allow students to free explore the site in self-guided mode.
  • Create your own exercises to match the specific needs of your students, or to combine typing training with other classroom topics.
  • Numerous options are available to customize the course to match each child's goals, age, skill level, and specific needs.
  • Includes special features for students with special needs.

Easily Manage 2 Students or 20,000 Students

An administrator account is included, allowing you to do the following:

You can optionally set the on-screen keyboard colors to match those of the LessonBoard color-coded keyboard.

Track Progress with Advanced Reporting

  • Track students' speed over time. Get a quick summary or view all exercises taken, with errors highlighted.
  • See how much time your students are spending on the web site, and monitor activities completed.
  • See how close your students are to reaching their goals, and identify areas of strength and weakness.
  • Filter your results by date range, exercise groups, and level of detail.

Learning and Fun Combined

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