Special Features for Special Needs

TypingTraining.com is an online typing tutor for all ages and ability levels. This includes students with special needs. Here's what we offer:

One Handed Typing Training

For anyone with the use of only one hand, TypingTraining.com can teach the proper typing technique on a standard keyboard.

Very Short and Simple Exercises

The web site includes some extremely short exercises, as small as 1 to 2 words long. Many of these also include photos for additional motivation. You are also free to create your own simple exercises for your special needs students.

Customized Difficulty Level

Teachers can adjust the speed and accuracy requirements for their students. They can also adjust how much punctuation training their students receive.

Easiest Skill Level of our Typing Games

The easiest skill level of both Goalie and Meteor Storm was designed for very slow typists. At this level, students have approximately 30 seconds to type the 1 or 2 characters that appear on the screen. To try out the games, take look at our free demos page.

Determining the Best Hardware and Software Setup

For students who are evaluating alternate input systems and/or specialized hardware and software, TypingTraining.com provides extensive tools to allow you to find the setup which leads to the most rapid and accurate text entry.

Training and Evaluation for all Methods of Writing Production

Determine the best method of writing production (typing, handwriting, or speech). See comparative data of different methods, including writing productivity, speed, and efficiency, as well as evaluation of content.

Compatibility with Alternate Input Systems

The tests and exercises on the web site are fully compatible with alternate input systems, such as non-standard keyboards, on-screen keyboards, and speech recognition. Basically, any program that can send text into a web browser will work with the web site.

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