Improve Your Employees' Typing Skill

  • Get started instantly! Everything runs from your web browser, with nothing to install.
  • Easy to use. Animated coaches are available to guide every step.
  • Customizable curriculum. Use the built-in curriculum, create your own (including custom exercises), or allow users to freely explore.
  • Learning and fun combined. Typing games and over 2500 unique exercises are available.
  • Track progress with detailed reports and graphs.
  • Desktop and mobile device support: Windows, Mac, iPads, and Android tablets (with an external keyboard).

Customizable Training

Easily Manage 2 Users or 20,000 Users

An administrator account is included, allowing you to do the following:

  • Create and manage accounts for your users. Each user has a unique user ID and password.
  • Upload account information from a spreadsheet or a database. You can upload new accounts, as well as upload a list of changes to existing accounts.
  • Organize your users into groups, or even into additional administrator accounts.
  • Create your own exercises.
  • Assign exercises to your users.
  • Generate reports and graphs.

Track Progress with Advanced Reporting

Over 2500 Built-In Exercises

These cover a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Individual finger training
  • Rows on the keyboard, such as the home row
  • Longer typing tests for measuring speed
  • Interesting trivia and quotations
  • Jokes and humor
  • Biographies
  • Science
  • History
  • And much more!

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