Pricing and Ordering Information

For schools, companies, and organizations.

Number of User Accounts Needed:

(1, or a multiple of 10)

Number of Months to Subscribe For:

(1 to 99)

Choosing the Right Number of Users

A "user" represents a single person using the web site for typing training or testing. Each user has his or her own account, with a unique user ID and password. User accounts are transferrable. You are free to delete an account at any time in order to free up a spot for someone else.

Pricing is not based on the number of computers or the number of simultaneous users. Instead, it is based on the number of user accounts that are needed. A user account must be kept open and available for the duration of the training. When an account is deleted, all progress information and records are also deleted.

In a school environment, the number of users is typically the number of students who are enrolled in the typing course.

Always order a few extra users. While you are free to upgrade your account in the middle of a subscription if new users need access, your overall costs will be lower if all users are purchased in advance.

Example 1: A School

Each school day, 4 periods of typing instruction are given. Each period has 20 students, for a total of 80 each day. The course lasts one semester. In the second semester, a new group of 80 students takes the course.

In this case, only 80 students are needed, even though 160 take the course during the entire school year. At the start of the second semester, the first 80 student accounts are deleted, freeing up room for the second group of 80.

Example 2: A School District

Your school district has 10 elementary schools and you would like to provide typing instruction to all of your 5th and 6th graders. The total number of 5th and 6th graders in the district is 600. Each elementary school has 2 teachers that will be in charge of their own classes. The students access the course throughout the year, at different times set by each teacher.

In this case, it would be necessary to purchase access for 600 users. Each teacher could receive his or her own administrator account, but this does not count towards the total number of users. Administrator accounts are provided without limits at no extra charge.

Example 3: A Company

At your company, you have identified 80 employees that could benefit from typing instruction. The employees are asked to spend 2 hours per week in training, but it is impractical to set up a formal schedule. Instead, the employees are asked to work on their training during time periods when they don't have another commitment.

One option would be to purchase 80 users and have all of the employees train during the same time period. Another option would be to stagger the training, by purchasing 40 users for a longer subscription. 40 employees would take the course during the first half of the subscription, and a different set of 40 would take the course during the second half. When the first half is complete, the first set of 40 accounts is deleted to make room for the second set of 40.

Example 4: Typing Testing for Job Applicants

Your company has several job openings that require a typing speed of 50 WPM or higher. Applicants come to your office for an interview, during which they log into the web site and take a typing test. No more than 8 people will be interviewed on any given day, and applicants that score less than 50 WPM on the typing test are immediately removed from consideration. During the interview process, you want to keep records on the top 10 candidates before making your final hiring decision.

In this case you would need 20 user accounts. This would allow you to have access to records for the top 10, plus the records for any additional tests that are taken during the day.

Alternately, you could save some money by storing the typing test results in other location. At the end of each day, you can download the typing test reports for all candidates, and then delete their accounts. Under this scenario, you would only need to purchase 10 users.

Here are some suggestions for getting the most value for your money.

  • Make sure you understand how many user accounts you need. If you're not sure, click on the "Pricing" tab for some helpful suggestions.
  • Buy online. Prices for online purchases are typically 10% lower than using purchase orders and paper checks. If your organization can't do this, consider using a personal credit or debit card and getting reimbursed. The online order form will generate a receipt you can submit for reimbursement.
  • Buy a few extra accounts in advance. This will reduce your costs if new users need access in the middle of your subscription. While you can upgrade at any time, the overall cost is lower if all users are ordered at once.
  • Pause your subscription when you don't need it. In the settings area of your master administrator account, you can specify a time period in which you don't need access. When you do this, your expiration date is delayed accordingly. For example, a school may want to pause the subscription during a Christmas or spring break.
  • For schools, pause or terminate your subscription during the summer. If you don't need access during the summer, you can either set up your account so that it expires at the end of the school year, or you can purchase multiple years and pause the subscription during the summer. If you allow your subscription to expire during the summer, your student data will still be in place when you renew in the fall.

If your accounting system requires an official quote or invoice before placing an order, then this can be generated using our online order form.

We offer a variety of ways to order. Feel free to choose the method that works best for your organization.

Online with a Credit or Debit Card

Order online and your account will be set up instantly, and you can take advantage of the online discount. Just go to our online order form and follow the on-screen instructions.

Purchase Orders

We can accept purchase orders by e-mail, fax, or mail:

E-Mail Address:
Fax Number: 888-842-2613
Mailing Address: Custom Solutions
125 Buckskin Lane
Streamwood, IL 60107

For faster order processing: please include the following information with your purchase order:

  • The number of users (students, employees, etc.) that you are signing-up, as well as the number of months you would like your subscription to last.
  • The e-mail address of the person who will be administering the account. An order confirmation, as well as login information, will be sent to this address.
  • The user ID of your current administrator account (if applicable). This could be a free trial account you would like to upgrade, or a paid account that you want to upgrade or renew. Upgrading or renewing an existing account allows you to keep all of your users' records.
  • The date you would like your subscription to begin (if not immediately).

If all information is provided, your account will be set up within one business day after reception of the purchase order. Your accounts payable department will receive an invoice by mail within a few days. Or, we can send an invoice by e-mail if you prefer.

Mail-In a Payment (no associated purchase order)

Checks or money orders may be mailed to the above address. Make sure to include all of the information required for a purchase order (see list above). Payments must be in US dollars.

Can we order now and start the subscription in the future?

Yes. If ordering online, the online system will ask you for your start date. If you are sending us a check or purchase order, simply include your start date with the order.

Future start dates can also be specified for renewals and upgrades. For example, a school can place a renewal order in May before the school year ends, but have the renewal take effect in September when school resumes.

Accounts can be accessed prior to the start date, but ads will be displayed.

What happens when a subscription expires?

When a subscription expires, the web site can still be accessed with ads displayed. Accounts not used in over a year may be deleted permanently from our database.

We have hundreds of students. Can we import their information from our existing database?

Yes. You can upload a spreadsheet containing your student information in the "Users and Groups" area of your administrator account.

Why does it cost less to purchase online?

Compared to purchase orders and paper checks, online purchases with a credit or debit card require dramatically less processing effort by our staff. We are happy to pass the savings to our customers.

Online purchases also benefit you. You gain instant access to your account, versus one business day for faxed and e-mailed orders and multiple days for postal mail. Additionally, spending less time processing orders frees up our staff to spend more time upgrading the web site.

Our organization cannot place an online order. Is there any way to get the online discount?

If your organization will reimburse you, you can purchase online with a personal credit or debit card. The web site will generate a receipt that you can submit for reimbursement.

Is there any cost for teacher or administrator accounts?

No. You can create as many administrator accounts as you need, and organize your students within them using any system you like.

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